April 2012

Kobe Bryant’s return

Lakers get beat down in San Antonio with the Spurs putting up 121 points

With Kobe out, the Lakers actually had a 4-2 record and there was some talk about the Lakers actually doing great without their superstar and Bynum ballin’ it up as well. I feel like this is unfair because I have seen Bryant at his best back in 2009 and even in some of the games this season and I know what he can bring in the playoffs.

Bryant is already the front-runner for the scoring title in the NBA. But it is an award that he has openly stated that he does not care much about and I believe him because he really is after something else and that is that sixth championship and hopefully even more rings.

Andrew Bynum’s behavior

“I don’t take part in the huddles” – Andrew Bynum to Mike Brown

Andrew Bynum has been ejected twice and has started to get a Rasheed Wallace type rep with the referees. Bynum has gotten a chip on his shoulder and has played very well this season that has resulted in him starting in the All-Star game in February. Still, Andrew Bynum’s behavior could cost the Lakers, especially in the playoffs.

I suppose Derek Fisher is going to be missed as he could make Bynum grow up in a hurry. As for the “I don’t take part in the huddles” rant by Bynum, it is a pretty terrible thing as it is not only an indictment on the coach but breaks up the unity and team spirit.