Steve Nash lands with the Lakers

Steve Nash lands with the Lakers

What difference will the 38-year-old All-Star point guard make in La-La land?

The Los Angeles Lakers are an old team of course. Apart from Center Andrew Bynum, there is not a player in their projected starting lineup for next season that is younger than 31. Kobe Bryant seems to love the move and I have wondered ever since this trade was announced whether Steve Nash might have made a difference in the outcome of the Lakers-Thunder series.

This Steve Nash trade is actually very interesting because Kobe Bryant is known to hate the Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash too. This is all because the Suns sent the Lakers packing on a few occasions in the NBA playoffs and there was also that infamous Raja Bell incident in a game six clash in the playoffs in 2006.

But in any case, in terms of the payroll, the Lakers have gotten very expensive with Pau Gasol having two years left with $19M each year and now you bring in Steve Nash by paying him $27M. This makes it a very expensive team with Bryant and Bynum too among the other Laker stars. There may be a possibility of moving Pau Gasol to get some payroll relief.

The Lakers might have another big move up their sleeves. They may decide to trade away Andrew Bynum so that they don’t have to deal with his immaturity and look to bring Dwight Howard to the Lakers. But Lakers owner Jerry Buss loves Andrew Bynum and so they may not want to trade away the young Bynum who really has a lot of potential.