More Dwight Howard talk

More Dwight Howard talk

Back injury results in missing part of NBA's regular season

Anytime you add a big man like this to your lineup, it forces a Lakers fan like me to continue to talk about it here on LA Lakers talk. The issue with Dwight Howard seems to be the back injury that he suffered and his surgery will force him to miss a month or two of the NBA regular season.

That means that the Lakers will probably have their dominant center only by the New Year 2013. Injuries aside, Dwight Howard’s offensive game has often been criticized by basketball analysts. It is his free throw shooting that is a major problem and his stats speak for itself having a less than 50 percent shooting record from the charity strike.

The pressure that Dwight Howard will be under in Hollywood cannot be underestimated as well. Howard will have to live up to some pretty big expectations and this could affect his game negatively as was evident during his time with the Orlando Magic.

Some Lakers fans think they will miss the young and temperamental Andrew Bynum in the low post. But I can’t argue with Lakers management over the Dwight Howard trade as he is definitely more consistent than Bynum. Moreover, Howard is arguably the best big man in the NBA.

As for Steve Nash, he is now 38 years old and will soon be 39. It won’t be long before he will have to hang up his sneakers. And talking about back problems, the veteran point guard has had his own back issues to deal with.