The Mike Brown firing

The Mike Brown firing

Lakers have gone out and hired Mike D'Antoni after a dismal start.

After Mike Brown was terminated and Lakers fans cheered for the Zen master, it seemed almost automatic that Phil Jackson would take his familiar spot on the Laker bench. But this is not going to happen and the fault seems to lie roundly on Jackson's shoulders for making far too many demands. I guess Jackson is in the driver's seat having done all he needs to do in the NBA, but still is this not a sweet looking opportunity that even Jackson would have had a hard time passing up.

It has now becoming public news that the Lakers management have signed Mike D'Antoni to a four year deal more out of desperation than anything else. Don't get me wrong, D'Antoni did his bit with the Phoenix Suns and then the NY Knicks (Jeremy Lin shone in his trademark system). He has also had a marked influence on the Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant who has welcomed D'Antoni to guide the new look premier Los Angeles basketball team to a championship.

There has been a lot of mystery around the Jackson snub so to speak and analysts are pretty sure that Jackson must be kicking himself for believing that the Lakers top brass wouldn't call his bluff. Nonetheless, D'Antoni will now have a hard time living up to the Lakers fans expectations who wanted Jackson and are used to the success that he has brought the basketball team.

It will be interesting to see how D'Antoni steps up to the challenge after the Lakers have passed up the almighty Jackson for him. LA is in a spot of bother early in the season and this might be a great time to regroup albeit the recent resurgence by the team.