The Lakers continue to take the spotlight

The Lakers continue to take the spotlight

Been a hard time in Tinsel town.

I must admit that the Mike Brown firing came as a shock to me. Can Mike D'Antoni bring La-La land another NBA championship?

Steve Nash may be out, but I think D'Antoni may be the change that this new look Lakers need after all. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Mike brown fan. It really is tough to see a coach who has won the NBA Coach of the Year award not be able to get a championship team to their destiny.

It could be argued that the Lakers were already on a championship track after the lethargic start to the season think the Miami Heat of 2010-2011. Did the Laker management overreact? Was a change really necessary? Only time will tell, but for now let's look at some facts.

The Lakers have rebounded to a 7-8 record after a dismal start. D'Antoni comes in handy for his offensive acumen as opposed to Mike Brown’s defense emphasis. Defense will not be as important in the wide open Western Conference this season. D’Antoni’s offensive system offers players a lot more freedom and this should be vital for the likes of Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

Kobe has been his usual goofy self and even thinking up a hilarious nickname for his injured teammate Steve Nash. Bryant has nicknamed Nash 'Gatsby' from the character in that great piece of literature 'The Great Gatsby.'

Still, in Bryant's heart he must be wanting so bad for Nash to return so he could prove what the best point guard and shooting guard of their respective generations can do. The Lakers are down, but still not out.