Kobe Bryant’s return

Kobe Bryant’s return

Lakers get beat down in San Antonio with the Spurs putting up 121 points

With Kobe out, the Lakers actually had a 4-2 record and there was some talk about the Lakers actually doing great without their superstar and Bynum ballin’ it up as well. I feel like this is unfair because I have seen Bryant at his best back in 2009 and even in some of the games this season and I know what he can bring in the playoffs.

Bryant is already the front-runner for the scoring title in the NBA. But it is an award that he has openly stated that he does not care much about and I believe him because he really is after something else and that is that sixth championship and hopefully even more rings.

Kobe is really mentally strong and surely wants to make a statement about how Father Time has not gotten to him, but I really wish that he would not jack up so many shots and make use of his two big men in the low post.

But then again, it really goes back to what I once heard Allen Iverson say when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers. There are only 24 seconds in the shot clock and it takes about 8 seconds to bring the ball up the court. When you have a scorer’s mentality like Kobe or Iverson and get the ball in your hands with less than 10 seconds to go, you're looking to make that shot.

After all, as Iverson said he passed the ball to Eric Snow and the ball passed through the hands of his other 76ers teammates only to come back to him so he might as well go for the basket!