Ice Cube: LA Lakers Talk

Ice Cube: LA Lakers Talk

Long-time Lakers fan, Ice Cube, discusses the team's off-season moves.

I have been watching ESPN over the years and have discovered how big of a fan Ice Cube really is when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers.

ESPN First Take is becoming one of the best shows in the country with sports journalists like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith making up the marquee. On Wednesday, ESPN First Take had Ice Cube drop by to talk about his hometown Lakers. There were some very important matters discussed.

Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard?

As attractive as trading for Dwight Howard really is, Ice Cube didn’t think it was the solution as he felt that Howard has not been vocal enough in wanting to come to LA. Ice Cube states that if the Lakers are not going for a ring, then he just doesn’t want to watch!

Steve Nash

The big question is how does the addition of Steve Nash affect the perception of the LA Lakers in the Western Conference? Nash and Kobe could have some trouble playing together as Steve Nash has been known not to discriminate when it comes to distributing the basketball. But from the Kobe I know and Ice Cube agrees, number 24 will not have any issues if Nash does not pass the ball to him as much if the Lakers end up winning games on a consistent basis.

Kobe Bryant wants ring number six pretty badly and the more time goes by, the lesser his chances will be of winning that elusive ring. Anyway, Ice Cube has his money on the LA Lakers as always.