Dwight Howard is the latest addition to the Lakers

Dwight Howard is the latest addition to the Lakers

I guess Howard will have a great time in La-La Land

The LA Lakers have made their championship intentions pretty clear for next season. After trading for Steve Nash, the Lakers welcome Dwight Howard to Hollywood to make a team that Magic Johnson states would now be the team to beat.

Dwight Howard Impersonates Kobe

Dwight Howard is seen impersonating Kobe Bryant in his inimitable style in the video above. Los Angeles is going to see more of these antics and really what the fans want is more rings.

The Lakers have won big on this trade as most analysts on various leading sports networks have pointed out as opposed to the Orlando Magic whose management has not been very astute with this move. But the Lakers are obviously not going to be great from the get go and this new team should start dominating from the spring of 2013 onwards.

Dwight Howard is definitely ecstatic to be with Kobe and the Lakers despite having some qualms when the trade talks were on. He was with ESPN analyst extraordinaire Stephan A. Smith when he learned that he would be a Laker and Smith related to the crew on Mike and Mike that Howard was extremely pleased and looks forward to a new journey in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Howard fully expects to win his first ever NBA title in June next year. It definitely looks like a possibility with only the Thunder standing in the way for the Western Conference. Don’t expect the Thunder to back down, but it is quite evident that the Lakers are a far more talented team now.