Can the Lakers win it all this season?

Can the Lakers win it all this season?

Finally, we might get Kobe and LeBron in the NBA Finals!

The Lakers are now number three in the Western Conference standings with a 30-19 record. But what is interesting to note is the 19-3 record at home in the Staples Center. I know my adoration of Kobe Bryant might make me a little biased here, but I believe that the Lakers are serious championship contenders despite the naysayers.

The fact of the matter is that the Lakers have two seven-footers who have been All-Stars in the low-post. This dominance in the low-post combined with Kobe Bryant’s killer instinct makes for a championship team regardless of the competition. Given the Lakers did make some bad moves, in my opinion, by trading away the explosive Shannon Brown and 6-foot 10-inch forward Lamar Odom.

At the moment, the Lakers lack a decent distributor of the basketball and also someone who can defend on the perimeter. But then again Lakers' management have taken care of that deficiency too by bringing in Ramon Sessions who has been very impressive thus far for Los Angeles.

I am having this discussion here because Bryant stated that the Lakers are a championship-caliber team. I guess we have to take this with a grain of salt because of the beat down they suffered at the hands of the eventual NBA champion Dallas Mavericks in last season’s Western Conference Semi-Finals. This happened with Kobe, Gasol and Bynum on the roster at the time.

From how I see it, the Western Conference is a wide open field. It is all about who gets into the playoffs and stays healthy and gets on a hot streak. Sort of like March Madness!

I am secretly wishing for a South Beach- LaLa Land finals. Finally, we might get Kobe and LeBron in the NBA Finals!