"Best talent I've been around."

"Best talent I've been around."

Bryant is extremely pleased and looks forward to playing with Howard and Nash.

Kobe Bryant has won five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and has been hunting for that sixth ring. It is this desire to win the sixth ring and go beyond Michael Jordan in terms of championships that has persuaded Laker management to bring veteran point guard Steve Nash and the NBA's most dominant center Dwight Howard to La-La Land.

Bryant played Shaq during his three-peat with the Lakers and then there was the star-studded lineup during the 2003-04 season which included big names like Karl Malone and Gary Payton. Lakers fans should not forget the last two NBA championships Bryant won with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum too.

Even after playing with all these great players, Bryant is enthused about the Lakers' next season and feels the talent - the best he has been around - will take them to another title. There are some issues that have to be dealt with right now, though. Howard is recovering from back surgery, but there is some good news for Lakers fans, as he is aiming to be back by the season opener against the Dallas Mavericks.

The other concern that the Lakers fans have is the health of Steve Nash at 38 and whether the veteran point guard and Bryant can share the basketball effectively. The media blew up Kobe's 'It's my team' quote, but I was happy as a Lakers fan to see the superstar take ownership of the star-studded team that also includes Metta World Peace.

One thing is for certain: basketball fans in Hollywood will be very disappointed if their team is not playing in June.