Andrew Bynum’s behavior

Andrew Bynum’s behavior

“I don’t take part in the huddles” – Andrew Bynum to Mike Brown

Andrew Bynum has been ejected twice and has started to get a Rasheed Wallace type rep with the referees. Bynum has gotten a chip on his shoulder and has played very well this season that has resulted in him starting in the All-Star game in February. Still, Andrew Bynum’s behavior could cost the Lakers, especially in the playoffs.

I suppose Derek Fisher is going to be missed as he could make Bynum grow up in a hurry. As for the “I don’t take part in the huddles” rant by Bynum, it is a pretty terrible thing as it is not only an indictment on the coach but breaks up the unity and team spirit.

All this after Mike Brown made Bynum the All-Star that he is and many experts seem to feel that Bynum could be a more dominant center than Dwight Howard. I feel that Bynum should show some respect for Coach Brown for giving him this type of opportunity. As far as Mike Brown is concerned I think it is tough to win based on defense when the Lakers were really a team that dominated mainly on their offensive prowess.

"Will Mike Brown survive as the Lakers head coach?" is the million dollar question that is facing the fans in the City of Angels. We all know that Kobe was not happy and never publicly endorsed Brown being the coach of the Lakers. But then again Bryant has been allowed to stay in the game longer than he was under Phil Jackson.

Either way, I don’t see the Lakers winning the championship this season and I am a huge Kobe fan too.